Looking for Cowslips is a citizen science campaign which started in Estonia in 2019. Our team uses the cowslip (Primula veris), a characteristic grassland plant, as a model for exploring the effects of grassland loss on grassland plants. We found that a seemingly small botanical detail, i.e. heterostyly, found in cowslips may have substantial consequences for the future and well-being of our nice grassland plant. 

With the help of thousands of people, we gathered lots of valuable information from all across the country, and reached new and even more puzzling results! The scientific paper about these first exciting results was recently published in the Journal of Ecology.

To continue this thrilling scientific journey on heterostyly, which was initiated by Charles Darwin, we invite everybody to join our campaign and help to conduct the campaign all over Europe!

In the spring of 2022, we invite research teams, universities, NGOs and any other organizations all across Europe to join the cowslip team and help to organize the campaign in your home country!

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